Born December 9, 1963, Guillermo Estrada Viera is a self-taught sculptor, painter and printmaker.

Estrada began this mixed media series by collecting "libretas de abastecimiento" (ration card booklets) from Cuban families for an entire year. He used these booklets upon which to produce his woodcut prints. After the printing process is complete, the final effect is achieved by holding each piece above lit candles, slightly burning the paper.

Estrada has seamlessly married his materials and ideas, producing a series that speaks to the hungers of the creative heart and reflects the ongoing hardships suffered by Cubans over the shortages of food and other goods.

Estrada’s latest oil paintings address the struggle for belonging faced by many universally in varying ways. The emotional turmoil of finding one’s place in the world is expressed in depictions of contorted bodies in tight spaces, at times attempting to emerge.


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