Since my early twenties, I have been traveling Cuba on #ArtHunts, sifting through boxes, drawers, under beds, and tops of attics to find the best of the best photography representing its Revolution. Missions accomplished.

Selected Cuban Revolutionary Photography in our drawers mark a pivot to the 20th Century and contemporary Latin American, especially Cuban, markets — at its center is a showcase of vintage prints of Revolutionary Cuban photography from 1959 to 1964 by Alberto Korda, Roberto Salas, Raul Corrales, and Osvaldo Salas. As historical and artistic artifacts, the images represent conflicting ideals of freedom and, in subtler fashion, the unauthorized reproduction of Cuban art in this period.

Alberto Korda's famous Guerrillero Heroico of Che Guevara is certainly one of the most reproduced images in the history of photography. Due to Cuban art policy during the Revolution that initially denied Cuban artists the right to intellectual property such as artwork, as well as the American embargo on Cuban exports including fine art, Korda did not receive a fair fraction of what the image is worth. Though there has been great progress, Cuban artists are still reconciling decades of exclusion from the international art community.

Due to recent sanctions by the Cuban government, vintage material of and about the Revolution cannot cross Vedado’s borders. My partners and I were luckily able to purchase and ship over 300 photographs before ‘new rules.’” We have the best of the best vintage Cuban Revolutionary images available in the world. Access our site to view — and purchase — selected work to add to your portfolio.

Rebekah Jacob

Owner and founder ; Certified Appraiser