“Creating an image is a spontaneous reaction. The behavior of the materials determines the response to continue adding, finalizing the construction process.

Working with figurative images, such as objects or characters, allows me to play between the recognizable form and its abstract environment, confront it to the point of fusion. I stage this form of thing or person, within the abstract context of colors, spellings and it becomes the skin of the form or thing, also in its container box.

The use of different materials and techniques such as spray, crayon, acrylic, collage, stencil allows me to explore the richness of the accident. When I agglomerate the pigments, they give me a starting foot that comes after the patient observation of the first gesture in the painting, the one that points the way to me, the one that invites or rejects the sum of other stains or elements in the work.

In many cases, each painting is visualized as my torso in which the work is developed and composed.

I am attracted by the impulse to compose an image from abstraction, from the use of the stain as the generator of an atmosphere contained by a sequence of unpredictable events.

The overlap of materials allows me to build the work in the form of skins of a body that I can then partially decompose, modify and transform from random impulses.”

- Juan Henriquez


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