Mike Basher; Death Valley

Mike Basher; Death Valley


For the past fifteen years, Mike Basher has traveled the globe photographing campaigns for large corporations such as Under Armour, Reebok and The North Face, working with celebrities and athletes like Carmelo Anthony, Lindsey Vonn, Michael Phelps and Andy Murray. This selection of his photography is the antithesis. 

His inspiration for this collection comes from the solitude of the outdoors. Mike's sublime, minimalistic photographs take a look at scenes often visited by others, yet his approach in isolating subjects leaves the viewer to often question, and even disregard its whereabouts.

Working exclusively with large format black and white film, each image is carefully crafted–seen through the process of making a precise exposure, hand developing the negative, final printing and display. This involved, hands-on craft brings him close to his work. What the viewer sees is essentially an extension of his persona. Quiet and precise, yet bold.



A look at working with large format cameras in North Carolina's Outer Banks. I choose to work in this manner, as the large size of the negatives yields incredible detail and richness for my mural-sized enlargements.

ELEMENTS-The Nature Art Gallery's featured exhibit at North Carolina's Museum of Natural Sciences. March, 2016. All black and white silver gelatin photographs by Mike Basher, captured on a 4x5 large format camera. For more info, check out: www.bashergallery.com Song: "For Wicked Gil" by Band of Horses. No copyright infringement intended.
A behind the scenes look at a magical evening photographing pound net frames. Over the course of an hour, seven exposures were made on 4x5 inch sheet film. Three of those resulting photographs are at the end of this video, individually titled "Pound Net I" "Pound Net VI" and "Pound Net III" as they appear.