The impending regional devastation to so many homes, businesses and lives was apparent over the past few days.  Many art works were submerged in water, completely destroyed by natural disasters. The scope of damage we encountered is yet to be fully determined.  The art world took a direct and intense hit.  

In ensuing days after the brutal storms that swept the Carolinas, we are working closely with our clients and conservators to develop a plan to transport, preserve, or dispose of art works.  

This includes:

  • Organizing short or long-term storage of art works, damaged and or in good condition.   
  • Arranging conservation and/or re-framing 
  • Creating digital archives for clients
  • Returning certain works to artists be "touched up"/ repaired
  • Documenting disposal of art that could not be saved
  • Appraising the art work for insurance purposes 

Here are a few tips for art collectors affected by the storms:

  • If the art work is damaged, make emergency plans to move the art work to a safe, dry place immediately.
  • Unframe any works on paper or photographs damp from the water; lay flat.  
  • Have a sense of how you can prioritize the evacuation of your collection, transport carefully with blankets, etc. 
  • Access your records (hard copy and/or digital) safely to a secure, off-site location and/or on a digital cloud 
  • Reach out to experts for sound advice regarding value of the art work, conservation, framing, etc.