Rebekah Jacob Gallery offers art consultation services of the highest caliber. We provide full-service art consulting services in which we custom-curate art collections to suit our client's needs, and build collections which will increase in market value over time as a solid investment. We specialize in planning, acquiring and installing small and large scale art collections that augment a variety of private collections and public settings – including corporate headquarters, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and governmental buildings. And we work with clients to acquire artwork that suits their individual tastes.

With nationwide access to museum-quality works and Fine Art of all mediums, (including; Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Custom Furniture, multi-media installations, and more), RJG draws from the widest variety of artwork to create collections which satisfy each client’s specific requirements and design aesthetics. By procuring existing pieces and commissioned works created specifically for new collections, or combining both approaches, we create the ultimate flexibility and adaptability for each client.

We work nationwide with architects, interior designers and new-building occupants- always focused on providing art consulting services that create the right art collection to complement every setting, inspiring and motivating all who experience it.


Click the links below to experience two virtual Urban Loft tours featuring our Fine Art pieces: 

258 A King Street Virtual Tour

258 B King Street Virtual Tour



  • Art consultation services ultimately are defined by the individual clients needs and desires - but overall, our consulting services result in building a collection or enhancing existing collections with the best investments and market value.

  • Acquisitions: We source quality works of art, and have access to a multitude of important works and artists outside our immediate gallery representation.

  • Art Appraisals: RJG provides each work purchased with a certified appraisal- this document legally signifies the Fair Market Value and resale value of purchased works.

  • Market comparisons & analytics for collectors.

  • Commissioned works.

  • Curatorial services.

  • Collection documentation.

  • Framing, installations, and relevant lighting coordination.

  • Oversee shipping.

  • And More...


Phone (optional, we will call or e-mail to set up consultation)
Phone (optional, we will call or e-mail to set up consultation)