Photo by J. Kevin Foltz 

Photo by J. Kevin Foltz 

Rebekah Jacob launched her art brokerage and consulting enterprises with a mission to promote and place museum-quality fine art and photography of the South and Latin America, particularly Cuba, in key collections.  RJG maintains selected inventory based on scholarship, market trends, and investment opportunities for both seasoned and emerging collectors.  We have curated critically acclaimed, groundbreaking exhibitions with a commitment to advancing research and scholarship in these genres, as well as advancing the Charleston art scene.  

Jacob specializes in developing and growing collections for both emerging and seasoned buyers. Her mission is to facilitate clients in establishing collections with personal meaning and investment value, by maintaining focus on long term growth.

"I broker fine art and photography that I believe in- sourcing blue chip artists and inventory with proliferation in the Fine Art market," says Jacob. "We value the longevity of our relationships with clients, and prioritize these relationships over one or many transactions. Concurrently, we are constantly sourcing inventory and expanding our presence in the global art market at large through travel, research and an overall 'full-emersion' in the art world."  

APPRAISALS:  Art works are appraised to USPAP standards and evaluated based on current market comparisons and the appropriate market place.  We offer an array of appraisal services for private individuals, institutions, and corporations.  Appraisals are devised for purposes--such as resale, insurance, estate, bankruptcy, and equitable distribution.  

ACQUISITIONS:  A large part of Jacob's mission is to facilitate and assist clients in establishing collections with personal meaning and investment value.  RJG brokers art that she believes in, sourcing blue chip artists and inventory in the  fine art and photography market(s).  She is constantly sourcing inventory and expanding her presence in the global art market(s) through travel, research, technology, social media, and personal relationships.  

Jacob specializes in the arrangement of private purchases through our vast network of clients, dealers, estates and auction houses. Priority is given to discreet transactions, but Jacob and her team will assist clients in analyzing, navigating, and even purchasing through public auction platforms as well.

DEACCESSIONS:  Jacob offers an ethical and confidential alternative to the resale of art works. RJG specializes in the arrangement of private or auction sales through our vast network of clients, dealers, institutions, and auction houses. Priority is given to discreet transactions.  

In addition to the promotion of the work by selected artists and estates, Jacob also offers an ethical and confidential alternative to the resale of art works. We offer an array of appraisal services for resale, insurance, estate, bankruptcy, and equitable distribution purposes on behalf of private individuals and corporations. 



An expert in the diverse art and photography of the American South and Caribbean Isles, Rebekah Jacob has created her eponymous enterprise with skilled enthusiasm and a deep, personal knowledge of all aspects of the art market. Combining dedicated scholarship with practical experience, Jacob earned a B.A. in English and M.A in Art History at the University of Mississippi and later taught Art History with a Southern focus there and at two other universities. She holds a Certificate in Appraisal Studies in Fine and Decorative Arts from New York University and is a Certified Member of the Appraisers Association of America (AAA).

Jacob strives to represent, exhibit, appraise and broker art works by eminent artists and estates from the American South and Caribbean Isles, particularly Cuba. She has curated innumerable exhibitions by contemporary Southern painters, including Kevin Taylor and Tarleton Blackwell.  Jacob has also focused on special projects that explore the Civil Rights and Martin Luther King era by representing selected works by photojournalists James Karales, Ernest Withers, Bob Adelman, among others.  With a longstanding commitment to develop scholarship about the American South, Jacob collaborated with Monica Karales, Executrix of the James Karales Estate, to co-edit and published Controversy and Hope:  The Civil Rights of James Karales (University of South Carolina Press, Columbia).

Well-versed in the emerging art scene of Cuba, Jacob saw an opportunity to juxtapose the work of the two regions and has curated several exhibitions of Southern and Cuban artwork in both Havana and throughout the Southeast. Projects have included a show of Southern photographer Milly Moorhead West at the 2000 Cuban Biennale and later at the Bacardi Museum in Santiago.  Jacob has also curated exhibitions of renowned modern Cuban photographers--such as Alberto Korda, Roberto Salas, and Raul Corrales--at the Southside Gallery in Oxford, Mississippi, as well as her eponymous gallery.  Spring 2008, in collaboration with the Center for Cuban Studies, Jacob curated a multi-media exhibition Beyond the Door at the Avery Institute, which included five Cuban artists living and working in the land of their birth.

A veteran in the Art World, Jacob is the South's premier dealer and consultant in fine art and photography of the American South and Caribbean Isles.  Her personal collection / holdings range from rare, vintage early 20th century documentary photography to acclaimed selections by lauded contemporary artists.  Jacob has brokered and consulted on fine art and photography to top-notch private and corporate collections, as well as revered cultural institutions--such as the Mississippi Museum of Art, Gibbes Museum of Art, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, National Gallery of Art, (Mississippi) University Museum, i.e.   

At the helm of Charleston’s visual art and fashion scenes, she has been included in Charlie Mag’s “50 Most Progressive” and Charleston Magazine’s “10 Most Stylish” lists.  Jacob has served as a founding board member of the Gibbes Museum’s Society of 1858 and as selected juror for publications highlighting top emerging Southern artists such as the Oxford American.  She has been a contributor /consultant on NPR (National Public Radio), as well as many local and national television programs.  Jacob's latest essay, "Southern Modern," can be found in Charleston: Salt and Iron, a compilation of writings by Low Country creatives.  

Always seeking out the very best talent and inventory through active roles in professional organizations, travels, and a strong personal/ professional network, Jacob strives to present a selection of high-quality work to a wide audience of art enthusiasts with her trademark passion and dedication.

Thank you to the NEH (National Endowment for Humanities) and NYU (New York University) for a special panel discussion of the important role photo journalism plays in historical movements. 

The panel included Deb Willis, Ph. D, NYU Tisch, Arun Chaudhary (TSOA '04), first official videographer of White House, Rebekah Jacob and was moderated by Gerald L. Early, Ph.D of Washington University in Saint Louis.

Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Struggle, brings four outstanding films on the long civil rights movement to communities across the United States. As part of NYU Washington, DC's celebration of Black History Month, The Constance Milstein and Family Global Academic Center will host screenings of two of these films, Freedom Riders and The Loving Story to revisit the history of civil rights in America and to reflect on the ideals of freedom and equality that have helped bridge deep racial and cultural divides in our civic life.